AR-DRG Submission Guidelines

Public submissions are able to be made for modifications to the Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (AR-DRG) classification.

The public submission process provides an avenue for users to request/suggest updates to the AR-DRG Classification System to ensure it:

  • meets the needs of users.
  • continues to be comprehensive and meaningful.

Recommendations for AR-DRG change are subject to clinical review and impact analysis by DRG classification specialists, the DRG Technical Group (DTG) and the Classification Clinical Advisory Group (CCAG). The CCAG provides clinical advice on requests for changes to the AR-DRG classification.

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How to proceed with your Public Submission

To lodge or track an AR-DRG Public Submission go to Australian Classification Exchange (ACE).

If you don't have an account, you can register here. You will then be able to prepare your submission at your convenience and save your work until you have completed it (Save Draft). To access a saved draft, go to My Submissions. Once your submission is complete, you can then submit it. All documentation in support of and/or relevant to your submission should be attached.

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What will happen with your Public Submission?

Receipt of AR-DRG public submissions are acknowledged by email and evaluated for consideration in the work program.

The progress of public submissions can be viewed in ACE and submitters will in due course (usually once content for the current development cycle has been finalised) be advised of the outcome.

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Status of AR-DRG Submissions

The following status definitions will be updated on ACE as your submission moves through the evaluation process.

Status Description
In Queue: The submission has been successfully submitted.
Held Over: The submission may be reconsidered in the next development cycle because:
  • the work required is too large for completion in this revision cycle
  • it was submitted too late for completion in this revision cycle
Progress: The submission is being processed.
Consultation: The submission has been referred for consultation. This may involve correspondence and/or meetings with the various governing committees (ITG, DTG or CCAG).
Approved: The submission has been processed, drafted and approved for inclusion in the next AR-DRG version.
Cancelled: The public submission was submitted in error.
Not Approved: The submission has not been accepted for inclusion in the AR-DRG classification.
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